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You want to move steadily from the very first day of the student’s day to work with the abundance of business trips. How do you act?

The chance to see the world only during the holidays or holidays will suit not everyone. Many of you would like to combine interesting work with no less interesting – and most importantly, regular! – Travel, and do not ask the boss, and go at his insistence. On the other hand, there are a lot of “home” guys who are categorically not satisfied with the need to work far from their relatives and friends. Let’s study an imaginary scoreboard with “service flights”!

Choosing a university

So, you are an entrant and wish to move steadily from the very first day of the student’s day to work with the abundance of business trips. So, imagine that the university you have chosen, known for well-established cooperation with foreign universities and helping to go abroad for an internship, like this – the “semi-foreign” – style of work does not guarantee at all! The place of study is one thing, and the nature of future work is another. You can really spend unforgettable weeks in some Czech or even North American university, taking part in the exchange program, but then – firmly settle in a Russian company that does not have a branch even in a neighboring city.

So, after the village of İzsa or any transport university, you can simply be the host country – to place incoming foreigners in domestic hotels or work with the arrived cargo, while your former classmates will travel around the world. So, together with a suitcase designed for many, many flights, one should choose not so much a particular university as a specific direction of preparation and a number of possible places of work.

Who to be

This question for the future of the seconded, of course, more important and more accurate.

  • Do you want to practice pharmaceuticals (read “Profession pharmacist”) and promote new medicines throughout the country?
  • Or are you more attracted by ecology and going to objects (read “Profession ecologist”)?
  • Or are foreign economic activities and trips to foreign factories attractive?
  • Would you like to repeatedly fly to the remote place as a correspondent of the newspaper, instantly make an impression of a new place and send another essay about regional curiosities to the editorial office in a day (read “Profession journalist”)?
  • Or maybe your choice is the sphere of tourism and you are ready to thoroughly check the quality of foreign hotels that your firm intends to include in its catalog in the framework of promotions.
  • Or will you become an auditor and devote a significant part of your time to visiting business surveys?
  • What if you’re a future synchronous interpreter?
  • And if the athlete?

By the way, the example with the trips of athletes, whose work all the same, many fans have been watching since their childhood, shows that in addition to the desire to wander, special abilities and a habit for regular work are needed. By and large, in other professions, generous for business trips, everything is exactly the same. Distinguish these classes makes sense in terms of the nature of the work and the geography of travel.

For example, a lawyer specializing in Russian law may well go to another city for a court hearing, but it is unlikely that he will be sent with a similar assignment abroad. Even many pop stars are stripped of their tours abroad (except for places of mass residence of emigrants from Russia, where such concerts are regularly held), but artists representing Russian folk art, on the contrary, chant and dance in all corners of the world. And professionals, whose activities are related to expeditions, do not go to places where “there is nothing to dig” or, for example, traces of the dwelling of an interesting small number of people have not been found.

And if you do not want to go anywhere, be careful yet at the vocational guidance stage!

Here you dream of becoming a civil engineer and drawing all day in AutoCAD. And you become, and take to drawing – and then it turns out that you have to go to an agreement in the neighboring area and walk there in rubber boots on the mud.

Usually the employee of the company does not choose the place where he is sent. However, exceptions are possible!

Focus on the scale

One of the most refined and original ways of choosing a profession is suggested by the logic of business trips. First, you figure out which country you would like to see more often. Then you are looking for sites with international industry exhibitions, which this country conducts (because if you like this country, then you already know its language a little, probably). Further – find on these sites lists of participating organizations and draw attention to the fact that at these industry exhibitions there was Russia – this year, in the past, the year before … That it was a stable participant! In the person of what companies is it represented? And now look for the most usual sites of these companies and reflect on the graduates of which universities and faculties they take to their work. If any of these faculties really interested you and if the set of USE for admission there corresponds to your favorite subjects at least by 75%, it’s up to you to prepare and act!

However, the staff on a business trip is sent far not only to participate in exhibitions. Moreover, those who really would like to spend their own working days in different cities and countries, as a rule, do not pursue such show-festive events – on the contrary, he is interested in the most ordinary life, he would like to compare it consistently with the business landscape, from day to day observed in a small home. Rather, he will fly to the Siberian or Ural branch of his large and important company, in order to solve an uneasy local problem locally. Do you know that houses and walls help? So, a professional wanting to travel must have a different character store and not rely on anyone’s support, even in a familiar environment. Better so: came, saw, won … No, no: I came, I saw, I won! That’s what this man should be like.

If such a person comes to work for a small company, where no one was ever sent on business trips, it soon will happen that he rushes through the country independently to organize a regional network of branches. And will become a manager for business development in the regions.

Some say bonuses are only find in casino website like this one but I also pinpoint a bonus of travelling for work: those who travel more often on business trips are paid more. No, not necessarily the basic salary of such an employee will be increased. But the time spent on business trips will be “tariffed” differently than usual going to work in a familiar office, and upon the return of the employee can expect a bonus and an additional day off. In any case, the salary for the employee in such cases is preserved, and travel expenses are reimbursed. And you can spend extra time while travelling playing some money slots or card games online. Additional cash never hurt and why not when there are opportunities for some, right?

Life is not forgotten

Visiting work will not allow you to focus exclusively on narrow professional duties. Thus, the synchronous interpreter will not be able to wander in the clouds, reflecting on the shades of lexical meanings, when he will have to settle the issue of accommodation of foreigners in the hotel of an unfamiliar city, and the guide will necessarily be distracted from the thoughts about the history of culture if the departure of the bus is delayed by an hour and tourists will be nervous. Few business travelers had to decide for themselves what elementary food to eat away from home – just not fast food, just not that! – and how this incomprehensible vending machine for selling travel tickets for us is supposed to be, quite a different system! Think about the marks in the travel document: work with documents, too, can not be avoided.

Are you confused in the map of your native city and do not know all its districts, and evil languages ​​even speak of your spatial idiocy? If you want to travel on business, overcome this shortcoming. Push on the school geography, set a task every week to find where you live, another museum or exhibition, go hiking with the class, help parents develop detailed routes for joint trips to rest – and remember that the moss grows from the northern side of the trees.

Travel, career and family

Many do not want to travel on business trips only because they do not know how to combine wandering around cities and villages with a future “sedentary” family life and raising children. But in fact, some industries take this factor into account and flexibly approach the employee of what age and in which status it is better to send with an order to another city. So, auditors can get carried away by traveling at the beginning of a career and during its heyday, and between these periods there can be a break, in which just one can pay more attention to the child.

However, if, for example, a man admires business trips and therefore decides in the next year to have time to visit all Russian cities – and children and the house, they say, let the wife do it, then with this lifestyle there is a risk of losing a family: such detachment from common worries is not in vain! Therefore, it is better for a family person not to make decisions about leaving alone – however, and to refuse to travel only for the sake of the interests of the family, forgetting about oneself, it is not worth it. Here you need to look for a balance, because if business trips help the head of the family advance in the service, it will be profitable for his family and friends!

On career growth, business trips are affected in different ways. Sometimes an employee is sent from a regional office to a major capital office of a large company. There he can see the top management, assess his merits – and eventually he will return home with promotion. And on the contrary, the elusive manager, who does not leave the “suitcase mood”, not only risks not being seen in the numerous offices of the network that stretches across the country, but also at the immediate place of work may simply be forgotten.

If a person actively traveling on business trips to work in another company, already during the interview, he makes the impression of a person responsible and knowledgeable, stress-resistant, able to quickly begin to work actively. This is not too lazy for the sake of the interests of the case to catch the early train or night plane, leaving the usual comfort zone. Perhaps, such a reputation will not ensure his rapid growth at once, but it will definitely strengthen his position in a new place. And he himself at the first negotiations with the employer is to clarify how many percent of working time is occupied here by business trips. The figures usually vary: someone leaves only on separate days, and someone spends on the road almost half a year. And it also happens that there is no year for a year. If the staff of the company is large and, in principle, without you, you have someone to send to an important trip, you can “bargain”, insisting that you give business travelers the amount of time that would suit you.

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