The Downside of Working From Home

working from home

As we just discussed the advantages of working from home, we have to be fair. So, today is all about why you don’t want to work from home. And it all can be summed up by this:

‘You’re on your own’.

A Good Practice in Discipline

If you are looking to test out your discipline, there is no better way than to start working from home. It’s easy to stay focused when you don’t have a choice. Try focusing when Netflix and sandwiches is just two steps away.

It’s going to be extremely hard but, the good news is that you have two choices. Either you will feel guilty and blame the lack of discipline for your inability to focus, or you’ll get better.

Want to do it faster, I recommend Steven Pressfield’s ‘the War of Art’.

You’ll fall in love with comfort

I once was an avid baccarat player. I didn’t play often because it was hard to find games around my house. But then I discovered live baccarat at online casinos and everything changed. I was comfortable, so I could kill hours of my time playing or watching others play.

The same goes to working from home. It’s cozy and comfortable. You don’t have to go anywhere – so why go? Every morning.

So, if you want to become better and do more, start with one, very important task you must do every day. A task which is related in some way to working from home. And get an alarm app that will get you out of bed as soon as it rings.

Working on networking

On the very same note, when you work from home, you lose connections. No one will force you to talk to anybody. No one will force you to do anything – that’s the whole problem. That means everything you want to do, you have to learn to do as if it’s your first day at work.

You have set time to do the work tasks, but also to network, set time for breaks and financial reviews

At home you’re all alone. That’s a blessing in disguise. Many people forget that in hopes to escape 9-5.

You may do that. But as freelancers realize, now you are working 12-14 hours like a CEO, but your financial stability has been compromised.

You want to work from home, huh? You better be sure that’s exactly what you want. 

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