Blood Suckers – A Scarecrow with Horror Themes

Embark on bloody adventures, kill vampires and get richly rewarded in Blood Suckers!
Blood Suckers is one of the game crews NetEnt’s most popular slots that appeal to both newcomers and more experienced casino players with a high pace, exciting vampire theme and plenty of profits.
How does Blood Suckers work?
Blood Suckers is basically a very traditional video slot. You are offered 5 reels and 25 different possible pay lines, which gives a very high winning chance.
In addition, if you are lucky enough to hit wild symbols, this gives an extra free spin. There is also a fun bonus game where you can open coffins to kill vampires. The bonus increases for every vampire one finds until you choose the wrong chest and instead hits a chest full of bats.

Why play Blood Suckers?

The game is popular to play for those who play with a big bonus as the many winnings make the variance lower than many other wide-ranging slots. This allows you to sell your money faster with less risk of losing than in many other slots.
This also makes Blood Suckers an excellent choice for beginners who appreciate that you can play longer for low amounts.
The game’s vampire theme completes with classic horror music and sound effects appeal to many who like old classic horror movies.
Together, these features make Blood Suckers a video slot that has a wider audience than you can imagine.
Many wide-ranging subjects with an overelaborated theme tend to only entertain players a short time. Blood Suckers, on the other hand, has succeeded in the art of both having a distinctive and unique theme while being able to appeal to the wide mass of players.

Where should I play Blood Suckers?

The game is developed by a leading Swedish game designer and is one of their biggest success stories. NetEnt delivers digital entertainment to many casinos online. This allows Blood Suckers to be found on most major online casinos.
A common strategy among experienced casino players is to look for casinos offering Blood Suckers as part of their welcome bonus. The high repayment rate and the low variance in this slot make it very suitable for those who want to quickly convert a bonus with a good chance of winning.
The disadvantage is that Blood Suckers is therefore not an equally obvious choice for those players who would rather have the chance of the big winnings. But John Hartson: Gambling is ‘rife’ among players – BBC Sport have of course other games that will suit these players better.
We players are all different. Some of us quickly find one or a few favorites among the slots games while others find more pleasure in constantly chasing for news. No matter what type you are, you should not miss Blood Suckers.
It’s a game that has become the closest to the legendary casino casinos and remains an obvious choice in many casino sharks’ standard diet.
Then sharpen the pile, load with garlic and get ready to kill vampires on a regular basis in Blood Suckers!

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